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Cast your vote on each movie you’ve seen. Judge by five criteria – story, entertainment, performances, artistry, and vibe. Your opinion as a movie-goer is the most important of all because you vote with your wallet.


Rate the story based on originality and theme. Was it compelling and fresh? Did it subvert your expectations, or was it a rehash of familiar material? Were you drawn into the cinematic universe or so bored it became a yawn-fest?


“Are you not entertained?” as Maximus once defiantly beseeched his fellow Romans. This is the bottom-line box office score. Worth the price of admission as a must-see theater-going experience… or, is the flick better suited for streaming? A Netflix n’ chill or a Redbox special?


It’s been said “acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Did you notice the actors acting or were their performances so natural and nuanced that you were drawn in and felt what they were feeling? Oscar-worthy or Razzie bait?


This category includes all departments, from makeup to cinematography, music to costumes. Consider the overall impart of everyone’s contribution to the movie… those in front of the lens and behind it. Amateur or award-winning? Memorable or a flash in the pan?


Some films move us. Some films scare us. Others inspire us or elevate our understanding of the human condition. Consider the genre here. A well-done romcom should pluck our heartstrings. A solid actioner should get our adrenaline flowing. A thoughtful drama should elicit empathy. Was it an emotional rollercoaster or flatter than a can of open soda?

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