The Vibe


While there are of course many successful artists, artists are generally unappreciated, and most  work a non-art-related job in order to pursue their passion in their free time. There is also the expectation (perception) that artists will work for free.

In order to promote the arts, the VIBE token has been created. The VIBE is a crypto token that has been specifically developed to reward artists. While a number of artists have recently cashed in on non fungible tokens (NFT) that represent ownership of a work, we believe that a crypto token is a convenient way of expressing one’s gratitude to the many artists around the world that remain unrecognized and underpaid.

The VIBE is a BCP20 token on the Binance smart chain. The token has been developed as a way of showing artists gratitude for the work they do by spreading good VIBES their way.

In the spirit of gifting, rather than launching the VIBE through an ICO, we will be gifting one million VIBE tokens to organizations that promote the arts. We will also be gifting one million VIBES to the GenuineVibes Community appreciation fund. This fund will allow members of the public to nominate artists for a good VIBE grant.

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John Harvey

Eric Ede

Wade Solomon

How to add Genuine Vibes (Vibe) to the Trust Wallet

Download and install the Trust Wallet on your phone. It is available from the Google Play store or the Apple store.

Open the wallet.

Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the main Wallet screen. Search for the token VIBE, and if the token is not available, you will see a “No Asset Found” message with a Add Custom Token button.

Tap on Add Custom Token button, then make sure that you have selected the correct Network. For this guide, we need to select Smart Chain on the supported Network, since this is a token that resides on the Binance Smart Chain.

Select “Smart Chain” and enter in the “contract address” below. The Name of the token is “Genuine VIBES,” and the symbol is “VIBE.”

Contract Address


You should now see the Genuine VIBE (VIBE) token in the list view of your wallet.

Once you have added the VIBE to your wallet you are ready to receive tokens.

Vibe Grant Application Form